About KOVA

Legal Basis

Classified as a non-profit organization under Article 32 of the Civil Act
* Approval of establishment by MOTIE in Dec. 16, 1995; Authority transferred to SMBA in July 11, 2014


To revitalize the startup industry by sharing knowledge and management information through exchanges among startups; to spearhead the protection of rights and interests of the startups in different sectors by compiling difficulties that they face

Organization & Membership

President: Kang Sam Kwon (Executives:72)
Secretariat : 4 headquarters, 11 teams, Korea Venture Research Institute, Organization For Venture Enterprise Certification with 93 employees
# of members: Total of 16,008 companies (as of March 2021)
Overseas branches: 88 chapters in 51 countries (INKE)
Domestic branches: 7 (Daegu-North Gyeongsang, Ulsan, South Gyeongsang, Busan, Gwangju-South Jeolla, Incheon, Jeju)