Business Summary

A. Accelerating innovation to strengthen self-reliance of startups
♦ Strategic agenda: Spreading entrepreneurship, propelling the launch of innovative businesses,
fostering an environment to challenge oneself again
- Main projects: Yes Leader program, incubating startups (operating incubation center, incubating youth/middle age entrepreneurs, etc.), Venture for Korea, startup related policy research
B. Increasing corporate value by strengthening competitiveness of startups
♦ Strategic agenda: Upgrading the co-existence system, strengthening innovative capacity of manpower in startups,
revitalizing the system for investment exit
- Main projects: Program to support business startup by providing a match with leading startups, building a cooperative network among ICT startups, programs to nurture local industries, hiring and education programs
C. Strengthening global competitiveness
♦ Strategic agenda: Pursuing the global standards, systematize the infrastructure to enter the global market,
making Korean startup ecosystem a global hub
- Main projects: Global Venture (using Venture e-Platform), Venture Week with global investors and buyers participating, etc.
D. Reinforcing the management of KOVA
♦ Strategic agenda: Revitalizing the exchanges among members, strengthening PR for KOVA to position itself well,
executing for-profit programs that reflect the needs of the members
- Main projects: Venture PR Network, hosting 2016 Venture Startup Festival and Venture Summer Forum and other exchange events, programs to support e-Businesses